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Welcome to Painting Perfection. With a goal of providing each customer with an exceptional experience, Painting Perfection provides both interior and exterior painting and maintenance services to Brisbane property owners. We accept painting jobs of any size and work with clients to ensure they get the exact colour, finish and durability of paintwork that they require. We provide painting, renovation and maintenance services to property owners, managers, estate agents and renters. Call Allan on 0409 000326 for a Qoin quote. More than just painting As well as painting services, Painting Perfection offers repair and maintenance including minor plastering, deck re-coating and colour consulting. We have a commitment to completing projects in an environmentally-friendly manner and responsibly wash all painting equipment at our industrial workshop, rather than on site. Where suitable, we endeavor to use low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, which are better for the environment and produce less of the hydrocarbon vapour smells associated with conventional paints. Premium Dulux Paint As Dulux accredited painters, we use premium Dulux paints, are bound to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct and have significant public liability insurance. Combined with our five-year workmanship warranty, you can confidently select Painting Perfection for your next property maintenance project.

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