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WELCOME POWDER COATING | PRE TREATMENT | MORE At P&J Powder Coatings we pride ourselves in providing an industry-leading service to the powder coating industry. Our in house facilities enable us to provide a full range of pre-treatment to ferrous and non-ferrous metals so that your goods are treated from beginning to end without them ever leaving our hands. We have tailored solutions that will suit your needs, as coatings can be chosen from a range of colours in epoxy, polyester, texture and ripple powders and where powder coating may not be appropriate, the option of electrostatically applied, high-quality plastic coatings is available. Let us walk you through our options and see for yourself our emphasis on attention to detail and our dedication to customer care and satisfaction. ABOUT US Since 1985, P&J Powdercoatings has been striving to lead the industry in quality and service. We strive to wholistic supply solutions the Australian market and pride ourselves in treating each customer with the highest customer care and attention ​ P&J Powder Coatings specialises in providing powdercoating, chemical wash, abrasive blasting services with exceptionally high-quality surface finishes. PRE-TREATMENT Our In-house facilities can accommodate all your size requirements and needs. POWDERCOATING Our fully equipped facilities allow us to do every step in-house. Find out more Image by Pop & Zebra OTHER SERVICES We go much further than powder coating in order to provide a full service.

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