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For the scientist, the mathematician, the painter or the writer, “beauty is the first test”. Algorithms, equations, compositions and stories are all in some way governed by natural laws and patterns. Original ways of thinking can reveal hidden patterns; the most beautiful seemingly balanced and lyrical. In wine the road to beauty can be hazardous. Indeed the journey can be an unfulfilled fantasy. Ray Nadeson and Maree Collis of Lethbridge Wines have transcended their ambitions through trial and error and open-mindedness. Steeped in a culture of scientific research and grounded in the reality of physical toil this remarkable couple are making exquisite wines of individuality and voice of place. Lethbridge Wines is the Australian fine wine dream built with imagination, fearless determination, perspiration, integrity and confidence. Biodynamic principles are followed; a philosophy that increasingly conjoins Australia's most thoughtful wine producers. It illustrates that inexplicable science can be accommodated if the results optimise the fruit. There is a clarity, vibrancy and minerality that pervades through all of Lethbridge wines, it is the Mietta Pinot Noir that is the most interesting and confounding. Its sublunary beauty evokes the physicality of vineyard site and underscores the Nadesons' individuality and promise. The pattern of style differs because of its earthy complexity, muscular texture, paradox of “prettiness” and potential for longevity. Ray Nadeson and Maree Collis are among the brightest and most hard working stars of the contemporary Australian wine industry.” An extract by Andrew Caillard MW

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