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Florite Coatings Pty Ltd has fostered special relationships with its customers since the company was founded in 1978. These relationships grew from a commitment to exceptional quality and superior customer service. From humble beginnings in southwest Sydney, we are committed to becoming one of Australia's best recognised, quality paint and coatings manufacturers while servicing all market segments including; Industrial Coatings, Protective Coatings, Automotive Refinish, Commercial Transport Refinish, Wood Finishes, Architectural Coatings and Specialty Coatings. At Florite Coatings all products are tested against our strict internal standards, and alongside products in the marketplace to ensure we remain on the leading edge of technology. The chemists and technical staff at our Sefton facility research new technology, and provide the best possible products and support to customers by investigating specific queries and individual applications. Decades of expertise and experience in the industry allow us to tailor formulas to specific requirements and customise the manufacture of products to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. Our professionally staffed laboratories can perform situation specific analyses on products and substrates as required to ensure your coating requirements are uniquely identified. Should you have any questions regarding Florite Coatings' products or have specific requirements, please contact Florite Coatings directly for more information.

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