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About Ady - That's what I was called when I was growing up in the family home. Mum and dad had 8 kids and I was 7th in the line. Just imagine your mum yelling out all those names, desperately trying to get to the kid she actually wants. I remember it was kind of like a song of first syllables... Har, Mar, Ham, Virg, Win, Ray, Phi, Adreeeeeeeeanaaaaaaaaaa!!! lol. Well, it's my family nickname and stuck for good and is what my family call me today and is how I sign my paintings. Spelling variations include Adie, Ady and some call me A.D. Since I was a girl, I always wanted my own art studio. Painting pARTy was the dream turned into reality! I always drew pictures as a young girl and drawing and painting became the way I figured out the world around me. It's helped me cope with the many experiences of grief and loss, and the highs of inspired creativity in life, like creating babies and love and now I choose to share this with other people through the painting experience and hope that it helps to ground our thinking and bring others to a place of peace and positive energy. It's also relaxing and a lot of fun! So what is a Painting pARTy? A group of enthusiastic people, meet at your venue or the Painting pARTy studio now located at Stratford, in cairns Far North Queensland for about 4 hours of painting, connecting, good conversation, a little sipping, some inspiration, music and most importantly time out to relax. You Time! It's the best known therapy for busy people, especially the carers, decision makers and leaders in our communities. Mothers, fathers, doctors and many professionals have visited painting pARTy to experience something different and with all the materials provided, it is by far the best way to tap into the creative pathways that help us process our own worlds, plus there is a likely chance that GP's will begin to prescribe creative pursuits as a weapon of choice to battle Mental Health. Whether you have had a big day at work or a full week juggling the family (as well for most) I am very proud to offer the Painting pARTy experience to anyone willing to give it a go. Step by step your Painting pARTy instructor takes you from start to finish and you will be thrilled with your result, leaving triumphantly with your completed canvas. A Painting pARTy can be viewed in a number of ways. It's a wonderful form of entertainment and is for just about anyone. Beginners are welcome and encouraged. Our paintings are designed for all levels focusing on the fun and enjoyment of the creative space. Most ages from as young as 8 years old can participate and it's a great energy that is fun to be around when celebrating any special occasion and can be a useful activity in the workplace or in studio for team connection. From lively, and high energy to relaxing and quiet, it's the painters that make the party! Furthermore we can create new paintings for our clients, order different size canvases from miniatures to metres! We can paint on site or in studio and aim to be flexible when working with corporate and business clients. Perhaps you have a new office space and would like to give the staff the opportunity to create meaningful artwork or murals for the workplace walls working together, to bring unity and a sense of belonging and connection. A Fun Fact: Did you know 96% of the Painting pARTy clients have never painted before, or at least, not since school. It just takes one and you'll love it! Good, messy, success creating FUN and RELAXATION in Far North Queensland since 2017. We hope to see you in studio soon at a regular Painting pARTy or your own private pARTy or corporate event.

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